Expanding the Crunch

I have begun to do research to expand my efforts to be crunchy outside of my personal care routine. Plans are now in the works to eliminate disposable napkins (and cleaning rags), begin a compost bin, and replace every chemical cleaning agent in my home with something much more (if not completely) biodegradable and ecofriendly. This is huge, even in my head. But I think it will all be worth it in the end.

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Time to start doing it up right…

So, I’m pretty happy with the way the shampoo bar is working out for my hair (even the husband says that he likes it more than conventional shampoo). I no longer feel gross and oily like when I was doing the “no poo” thing. However, it is still near impossible for me to get any real volume into my roots without using all the chemical crap that I’ve given up (but at least it’s not waxed down to my head). So, I’m now on the hunt for DIY completely natural hair products. And the first thing I need is HAIRSPRAY! I miss my hairspray, even though, from every single thing I’ve read on the subject, it was slowly killing me.

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DIY NATURAL–hairspray

Shampoo Bar…

So, I had to make a second post this time. The totally NO shampoo idea didn’t go so well for me. I’ve heard that it can take up to several months to take full-effect, and quite frankly, I felt too gross to wait that long.

That being said, I’m not sorry I went as long as I did without washing. My hair is now coated from root to ends in a nice thin layer of sebum, and it feels very smooth. However, I was just completely unable to get any body in it whatsoever. And since my hair is incredibly fine and thin, I felt bald. But, I didn’t want to just jump back to lathering on the chemicals…which I still at least partially blame for my hair being so damn thin. So I did some research and discovered Shampoo Bars.

I’ve only used the original…but I’m wanting to try the one NEW one with virgin coconut and argan oil. But, I digress. The shampoo bar is my friggin’ hero! I FINALLY have some body back in my hair! And, the natural oils are still not stripped away! Plus, it smells pretty damn good (scented ONLY with essential oils). I’ve only been using it for a few days, but so far I’m going to say, shampoo bars are the way to go for me. If I feel the same way in a couple of weeks, I may order them in bulk…

P.S. I am still conditioning the ends of my hair with ACV when necessary. I really love how it works. My curls are actually looking like curls (instead of tiny frizz rings) after years and years and years of a hardcore flatiron routine!

sugar scrub…

So, I’m still synthetic facewash-free, and mostly clear. I do get a blemish every now and again, but still, it is small, and goes away rather quickly. If I’m really worried about it, I just put a little extra ACV on it with a cotton ball once or twice a day (which is normally all it takes), until it disappears.

However, over the last few days, the right side of my face (which is always the worst for no apparent reason) has felt a bit rough. Not much is showing up VISUALLY…but I can FEEL some clogged pores. So, I decided to try to make a natural scrub. And here’s what I decided to use as my basic recipe.

I didn’t add fruit…because I don’t have any of the specific kinds that the recipes called for. And the sugar I used was organic coconut sugar, because that’s what I already have in my pantry. So I added extra virgin coconut oil to organic coconut sugar (2-to-1 oil-to-sugar mixture) and gave my face a scrub, after swiping it with ACV. And after rinsing the scrub off, and softly toweling off some of the remaining oil, I swiped with ACV again (because there was quite a bit of oil left on my face).

My skin feels SO much better, not a bit dry, and those clogged pore bumps are gone! Yay! I may use some of the leftovers on my whole body in the shower tomorrow!

**I do need to add that the coconut sugar I used is INCREDIBLY coarse…so I scrubbed VERY gently!**

Experimenting with New Face Washes…

I’ve been facewash-free for about 3 weeks now, and my skin is roughly a billion times clearer than it has been in several years. So, I’m starting to really believe. I’ve had three blemishes pop up…but they were teeny-tiny, and went away in less than a day on their own! So, that in itself is absolutely miraculous.

The link below explains a method that I have NOT tried yet, but am considering. Right now, I basically wash my face with rye flour mixed into a paste with water (in the shower), then swipe highly-diluted ACV all over my face with a cotton ball after I get out of the shower, and in the morning. Every 4 or 5 days, I’ll wash my face with highly diluted baking soda (to exfoliate) and, again, swipe with ACV out of the shower. This method is working perfectly for me (And I’m still wearing makeup as much as ever). It’s truly been an awesome experience so far.

TLV–Manuka Honey and Jojoba Oil Face Wash

So Far, So Good

So, I’ve been doing this no-shampoo (I have a very difficult time saying “no poo” without making a toilet reference) and no-facewash experiment for nine days now. Here’s what’s been happening:

Since my hair is SO thin and baby-fine, and my scalp is generally oily, I was terrified at first. However, I did what all the blogs and articles say to do: brush until your arm falls off. It took about five days for the sebum (hair oil) to reach the ends of my hair with the help of my boar bristle brush (BBB). This process was the worst part so far. Of course my hair was flat and looked a bit greasy, but I feel like scrubbing with the rye flour helped mitigate the gunky feeling. And, I believe it was on day 5, when I finally felt like I had waited long enough, I did do a little baking soda “wash” on my scalp. So that gave me a little more bounce.

Also, to help with the flatness, I made a water and epsom salt mixture in a spray bottle and spritzed my roots with it. It worked very nicely with the natural wave in my hair, and added body. I used the epsom salt that had lavender essential oil in it, so it gave my hair a little bit of a flowery scent, too.

Finally on day eight, I woke up and ran my fingers through my hair to see how funky it was feeling that day, and I realized that my hair didn’t feel oily! Not at all! I was pretty shocked…especially considering the fact that almost every personal account I’ve read of women that do this says that it could take weeks or even months to reach the point where the hair no longer looks and feels oily. But like I’ve said, my hair is ultra thin and fine.

So, while I’m still waiting for the natural body to magically appear in my hair, the “gross” feeling is gone (unless this is for some reason a temporary thing).

Now, the day after I stopped using shampoo, I decided to give up facewash, too. I started using the rye flour for that, also. Now mind you, while my skin has never been super-bad like the “before” pictures on the Proactive commercials, I did start having acne issues a couple of years ago (which I found profoundly weird and annoying since I’m nowhere near my teen years anymore).

Well, after two days of only washing my face once a day with the flour (and dabbing the super-oily spots with highly-diluted apple cider vinegar once a day), my skin started to clear up, and I have been dumbfounded ever since. All this time I’ve been going through bottles and tubes of CRAP trying to get my face to look normal again…and evidently all I needed to do was to STOP washing it! And, P.S. I still wear makeup. The same makeup I was using before. Nothing special.

It’s been a little difficult getting used to not scrubbing the crap out of my face every morning and night, and getting that “squeaky-clean” feeling that I’m used to. But NOT waking up to new blemishes every morning has made it COMPLETELY worth it.

This link kinda makes me feel validated…although I’m avoiding the initial 60-days-without-water-touching-my-face thing. I just don’t think I could go full-on caveman regimen:


Rye: Not just for “shampooing” anymore…

So yes, these posts seem to be adding up quickly at this point. But, when I become obsessed with something, it tends to break the dam.

Anyway, since I was so pleased with the results of my first-ever rye flour hair cleansing experience last night, I decided to do a little bit of research to see if I could use the same stuff on my unavoidably-bitchy facial skin. And it turns out that I’m (luckily and not surprisingly) NOT the first one to wonder about this. SO, I shall be attempting to give up my highly chemical facewash(es) as well, to see if it makes any difference with my always-in-need-of-Photoshop skin, as well.

This post from another blog (which I listed on another post of my own) made me decide to give it a go:

The Introvert Rabbit: Water Only Face Washing

Rye Flour “Shampoo”–First Try

After reading through many blogs, testimonials, articles, facebook group documents, websites, etc., I decided that while going “no-poo”, I will wash my hair with rye flour. From what I read, it seemed simple, effective, inexpensive, and completely doable.

So tonight I decided to give a try just for shits and giggles. And whadya know…it wasn’t terrible! My greasy-ass hair feels clean and light! The process was simple and quick.

I put approximately 2/3 tablespoon of rye flour into a small water bottle, and when I got into the shower, I added lukewarm water until I had a shampoo-like consistency mixture. I just basically dump the mixture onto the top of my head and worked it into my scalp ( I avoided the ends, since they don’t get too filthy anyway, and everything I read said that the ends would get cleansed enough during the rinse). Then I rinsed like there was no tomorrow! It did take a few minutes to get all of the flour out…but not as long I thought it would take.

The end result (so far)? My fine-thin, naturally wavy, shorter-than-shoulder-length hair is clean, my scalp is NOT oily, and as of now, everything is great! Yes, it’s just day one…but it’s a great start as far as I’m concerned!

stuff about my Nasty Skin…

My skin is oily as hell, dull, discolored, and, oh yeah…getting old. And nothing in the drug store seems to help. So part of my new mission in life is to find a natural solution…or several.

One of my very favorite blogs on this topic is The Love Vitamin…and I am anxious to start trying out as much of the advice offered there as I can possibly scrape together time to try.

TLV: Oily Skin
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TLV: Natural Acne Treatment
TLV: The Caveman Regimen
The Introvert Rabbit: Water-Only Face Washing

More links will be posted here soon.

giving up the shampoo…

One of the first missions is to work my way up to cutting out chemical-laden hair products; first and foremost, shampoo. As of now, I shampoo every single day and use TONS of hairspray to keep my thin-fine hair from going completely flat. I have read “no-pooing” can help with that…after the transition period is over.

We shall see.

This page will be continually updated for a while with new links, etc.

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