sugar scrub…

So, I’m still synthetic facewash-free, and mostly clear. I do get a blemish every now and again, but still, it is small, and goes away rather quickly. If I’m really worried about it, I just put a little extra ACV on it with a cotton ball once or twice a day (which is normally all it takes), until it disappears.

However, over the last few days, the right side of my face (which is always the worst for no apparent reason) has felt a bit rough. Not much is showing up VISUALLY…but I can FEEL some clogged pores. So, I decided to try to make a natural scrub. And here’s what I decided to use as my basic recipe.

I didn’t add fruit…because I don’t have any of the specific kinds that the recipes called for. And the sugar I used was organic coconut sugar, because that’s what I already have in my pantry. So I added extra virgin coconut oil to organic coconut sugar (2-to-1 oil-to-sugar mixture) and gave my face a scrub, after swiping it with ACV. And after rinsing the scrub off, and softly toweling off some of the remaining oil, I swiped with ACV again (because there was quite a bit of oil left on my face).

My skin feels SO much better, not a bit dry, and those clogged pore bumps are gone! Yay! I may use some of the leftovers on my whole body in the shower tomorrow!

**I do need to add that the coconut sugar I used is INCREDIBLY coarse…so I scrubbed VERY gently!**


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