Rye: Not just for “shampooing” anymore…

So yes, these posts seem to be adding up quickly at this point. But, when I become obsessed with something, it tends to break the dam.

Anyway, since I was so pleased with the results of my first-ever rye flour hair cleansing experience last night, I decided to do a little bit of research to see if I could use the same stuff on my unavoidably-bitchy facial skin. And it turns out that I’m (luckily and not surprisingly) NOT the first one to wonder about this. SO, I shall be attempting to give up my highly chemical facewash(es) as well, to see if it makes any difference with my always-in-need-of-Photoshop skin, as well.

This post from another blog (which I listed on another post of my own) made me decide to give it a go:

The Introvert Rabbit: Water Only Face Washing


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