Rye Flour “Shampoo”–First Try

After reading through many blogs, testimonials, articles, facebook group documents, websites, etc., I decided that while going “no-poo”, I will wash my hair with rye flour. From what I read, it seemed simple, effective, inexpensive, and completely doable.

So tonight I decided to give a try just for shits and giggles. And whadya know…it wasn’t terrible! My greasy-ass hair feels clean and light! The process was simple and quick.

I put approximately 2/3 tablespoon of rye flour into a small water bottle, and when I got into the shower, I added lukewarm water until I had a shampoo-like consistency mixture. I just basically dump the mixture onto the top of my head and worked it into my scalp ( I avoided the ends, since they don’t get too filthy anyway, and everything I read said that the ends would get cleansed enough during the rinse). Then I rinsed like there was no tomorrow! It did take a few minutes to get all of the flour out…but not as long I thought it would take.

The end result (so far)? My fine-thin, naturally wavy, shorter-than-shoulder-length hair is clean, my scalp is NOT oily, and as of now, everything is great! Yes, it’s just day one…but it’s a great start as far as I’m concerned!


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