Experimenting with New Face Washes…

I’ve been facewash-free for about 3 weeks now, and my skin is roughly a billion times clearer than it has been in several years. So, I’m starting to really believe. I’ve had three blemishes pop up…but they were teeny-tiny, and went away in less than a day on their own! So, that in itself is absolutely miraculous.

The link below explains a method that I have NOT tried yet, but am considering. Right now, I basically wash my face with rye flour mixed into a paste with water (in the shower), then swipe highly-diluted ACV all over my face with a cotton ball after I get out of the shower, and in the morning. Every 4 or 5 days, I’ll wash my face with highly diluted baking soda (to exfoliate) and, again, swipe with ACV out of the shower. This method is working perfectly for me (And I’m still wearing makeup as much as ever). It’s truly been an awesome experience so far.

TLV–Manuka Honey and Jojoba Oil Face Wash


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