Rye: Not just for “shampooing” anymore…

So yes, these posts seem to be adding up quickly at this point. But, when I become obsessed with something, it tends to break the dam.

Anyway, since I was so pleased with the results of my first-ever rye flour hair cleansing experience last night, I decided to do a little bit of research to see if I could use the same stuff on my unavoidably-bitchy facial skin. And it turns out that I’m (luckily and not surprisingly) NOT the first one to wonder about this. SO, I shall be attempting to give up my highly chemical facewash(es) as well, to see if it makes any difference with my always-in-need-of-Photoshop skin, as well.

This post from another blog (which I listed on another post of my own) made me decide to give it a go:

The Introvert Rabbit: Water Only Face Washing


Rye Flour “Shampoo”–First Try

After reading through many blogs, testimonials, articles, facebook group documents, websites, etc., I decided that while going “no-poo”, I will wash my hair with rye flour. From what I read, it seemed simple, effective, inexpensive, and completely doable.

So tonight I decided to give a try just for shits and giggles. And whadya know…it wasn’t terrible! My greasy-ass hair feels clean and light! The process was simple and quick.

I put approximately 2/3 tablespoon of rye flour into a small water bottle, and when I got into the shower, I added lukewarm water until I had a shampoo-like consistency mixture. I just basically dump the mixture onto the top of my head and worked it into my scalp ( I avoided the ends, since they don’t get too filthy anyway, and everything I read said that the ends would get cleansed enough during the rinse). Then I rinsed like there was no tomorrow! It did take a few minutes to get all of the flour out…but not as long I thought it would take.

The end result (so far)? My fine-thin, naturally wavy, shorter-than-shoulder-length hair is clean, my scalp is NOT oily, and as of now, everything is great! Yes, it’s just day one…but it’s a great start as far as I’m concerned!

stuff about my Nasty Skin…

My skin is oily as hell, dull, discolored, and, oh yeah…getting old. And nothing in the drug store seems to help. So part of my new mission in life is to find a natural solution…or several.

One of my very favorite blogs on this topic is The Love Vitamin…and I am anxious to start trying out as much of the advice offered there as I can possibly scrape together time to try.

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The Introvert Rabbit: Water-Only Face Washing

More links will be posted here soon.

giving up the shampoo…

One of the first missions is to work my way up to cutting out chemical-laden hair products; first and foremost, shampoo. As of now, I shampoo every single day and use TONS of hairspray to keep my thin-fine hair from going completely flat. I have read “no-pooing” can help with that…after the transition period is over.

We shall see.

This page will be continually updated for a while with new links, etc.

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